...Vienna hotels have to wash
50,000 extra sheets in three days?

WE KNOW! During the past 28 years, the Donau Insel Fest has become by far the largest festival in Austria and also one of the biggest open-air festivals in Europe. Everyone can enjoy the free three-day event, which includes music, dancing, entertainment and sports, as well as food and drink. Performances take place all over the 4.5 km long festival area. Every year up to three million visitors come to the Donau Insel Fest. The economy of Vienna gains revenue of 50 million Euros. Vienna's hotels sell 50,000 additional beds.

AMIN Austria works for Hilton Hotels Austria, Courtyard Marriot Wien Messe, Gersner Group Catering, Rolf Benz, Shannon Cosmetic and many more.

AMIN knows how to support the hotel and leisure industry during massive events.

...Belgians take their glassware
as seriously as their beers?

WE KNOW! Belgium is home to more than a thousand different varieties of beer produced by 178 different breweries. They don't just make beer, they put their heart and livelihood into each recipe. Beer lovers throughout the world drink about 1,100 million litres a year. Belgians also take glassware as seriously as they take their beers. In fact, glassware was invented before the actual beer itself. Most Belgian beers come with their own glass that has been specially designed for the drinker to experience the full flavour and aroma of the beer. Beer in Belgium is big business. The sector generates around 62,000 jobs.

AMIN Belgium works for Mitsubishi Motors, Brussels Airport, Chevrolet Belux, Akzo Nobel, Fost Plus and many more.

AMIN knows the effect of national products on local behaviour and traditions.

...that the Czech Republic's youth
are brilliant fundraisers?

WE KNOW! For the foundation League Against Cancer, 11,500 young volunteers sell 800,000 flowers and collect 530,000 Euros in one day. League Against Cancer is a humanitarian organization, which supports prevention against cancer. The streets of towns all over the Czech Republic become yellow that day.

Czech Republic
AMIN Czech Republic works for Benzina, Viadrus, Skanska, Astrid Cosmetics, Baumatic and many more.

AMIN knows how to reach and motivate young people all over europe.

...polaris has nothing to do with a shiny star?

WE KNOW! Stella Polaris is the biggest outdoor chill-out festival in Denmark. Bringing together the finest chill-out DJs and artists, it has managed to maintain its strong position for more than ten years. As one of the country's most popular summer traditions, it attracts a large crowd of all ages, as it sweeps across the picturesque inner-city parks.

AMIN Denmark works for Directorate of Health, Danish Defense, Nets, Big Bowl and many more.

AMIN knows how to make brands busy while people are chilling-out.

...the Finns go swimming
instead of seeing the doctor?

WE KNOW! In Finland, when the temperature is far below zero, the locals have the urge to refresh themselves in ice-cold water by jumping into an ice hole. Some call it sport, some call it fun, others swear by its health benefits. A dip in a frozen lake during the Arctic winter might not seem the most appealing pastime, but for 120,000 Finns it is a weekly habit to stay healthy. It is called 'avantouinti'. As a competitive country, Finland even organises championships in it.

AMIN Finland works for Volkswagen, DNA Teleoperator, Sanoma, Skanska, Lumene Beauty and many more.

AMIN knows how to use local habits to maximise turnover during certain periods.

...the French celebrate the
storming of a prison?

WE KNOW! The 14th of July is the French National Day and commemorates the storming of the Bastille on this day in 1789. This event was seen as a symbol of the uprising of the modern nation. Festivities and official ceremonies are held all over France, while a military parade takes place along the in.

AMIN France works for Servair, Irstea, Opievoy, Mercedes France, Inserm Health Research and many more.

AMIN knows how to use a historical fact to sell merchandise.

...an industrial city can transform
into a cultural centre?

WE KNOW! The world's most important charismatic art exhibition for contemporary art takes place every five years in the city of Kassel. It is called 'Documenta'. Over 100 days, 750,000 art lovers can discover highly creative projects, indoors and out! Creations from more than 245 artists from 55 different countries go on display along a route through the city, winding through art galleries, churches and more unusual locations, like a cinema. The displayed work gives the 'Documenta' intrigue and attracts the question: What is art? The 100-day event brings the city prestige and income.

AMIN Germany works for Villeroy & Boch, Viega, Hochtief Construction, Saint-Gobain Glass, Cabinet and many more.

AMIN knows how to use art as a meaningful subject for product promotions.

...Budapest is Santa's favourite place to be?

WE KNOW! Budapest Christmas Fair, the traditional advent fair is held in downtown Budapest. The fair is extremely popular and ranks among the ten best Christmas fairs in Europe. Each year the spectacular fair takes place from the end of November until the 24th of December. Visitors can browse through over 100 stands offering handmade porcelain, wood, toys, jewellery and traditional weavings, while watching food cook in the traditional Hungarian ovens, and enjoying the folk dancing. The market strictly enforces a handcraft-only policy.

AMIN Hungary works for Bartelco Telecom, Boyron Pharmaceutical, Opel, Heineken, Baumit Construction and many more.

AMIN knows how to develop unique campaigns to promote local handmade products.

...kissing a stone is exciting for some people?

WE KNOW! The Blarney Stone is a stone that was set within a wall of the Castle of Blarney in 1446. According to legend, kissing the stone awards the kisser with winning persuasiveness. It is the gift of the gab. The kiss, however, is not easily achieved. To kiss the stone, the person must climb to the castles peak, then lean over backwards on the parapet's edge. Usually they need personal assistance. Scottish Kings were crowned over the stone, because it was believed to have special powers.

AMIN Ireland works for Mizuno Europe, Caterpillar, G Plan, FieldCandy, Vintage Roots and many more.

AMIN knows how to communicate powerful brands without kissing a stone.

...that Italians love to be bitten by a spider?

WE KNOW! La Notte della Taranta (The Night of the Tarantula) is the biggest festival in Europe dedicated to celebrate 'La Pizzica Salentina'. 'Pizzica' is the music that accompanies the ancient ritual to treat the tarantula bite, the dangerous poisonous spider. According to tradition, to free the victim, usually a woman, people play the tambourine to the beat, incessantly swirling until the spell is finally broken. The official sponsor of Salento's main summer-time event is Mottura wines. A local brand that steals the show during the festival.

AMIN Italy works for Regina, Manuli, TekMed Aligrup, H3G Mobile and many more.

AMIN knows how to develop unique campaigns to promote local handmade products.

...35% of the Dutch don't buy Christmas presents because of this man?

WE KNOW! Sinterklaas is the main character of the annual children's event, celebrated in the Netherlands on the 5th of December. Sinterklaas and his helper, 'Zwarte Piet', crawl down chimneys to bring presents for the children of the house. The festival has a considerable effect on the Dutch economy. Shops extend opening hours in the run-up to Sinterklaas and the atmosphere in the shopping streets is fantastic. In three weeks, consumer spending increases by an enormous 500 million Euros approximately.

AMIN Netherlands works for Roobol Wonen, Euretco, Rabobank, IMCD, Transport & Logistiek Nederland and many more.

AMIN knows how to translate local public events into effective retail promotions.

...the Polish sometimes struggle
to keep their balance?

WE KNOW! One of Poland's most famous, and remarkable, shopping complexes is the 'Crooked House'. Seeing the building it looks like you've drunk too much. But appearances are deceptive. The architects decided to do away with traditional straight lines in favour of rather more mind-boggling geometry. The building is the most photographed architecture in Poland.

AMIN Poland works for Saint Gobain Building Materials, SCA Hygiene Products, Mars, Kimberly Clark, Tesco Retail and many more.

AMIN knows how to effectively use an eye-catching approach to increase brand awareness.

...the Portuguese prefer to close bottles of wine instead of opening them?

WE KNOW! Portugal is home to the largest cork oak forests in the world. Nearly one third of the total cork oak area, estimated at 2,150,000 hectares, is in Portugal, which produces approximately half of the world harvest. Cork is the most important export product of Portugal. Portugal has 45 companies that produce cork products; some 30 million corks per day. But cork isn't just used in wine bottles - it can be used in the production of gadgets too.

AMIN Portugal works for Santander Totta Banking, ZON Telecommunication, Bonduelle, Gastromento, Santa Casa and many more.

AMIN knows how to help brands develop amazing gadgets.

...florists are excited about the start of school?

WE KNOW! In Russia, the first day of September is the beginning of a school year. The day, called Knowledge Day, is a very special day for all pupils, their parents, and teachers. Children come to school with a bunch of flowers for their teachers. All classes line up in the schoolyard, while the school principal welcomes all pupils with a speech. It is of special significance for first-grade children. The celebration also includes the 'First Bell'. A first-grade girl is lifted on the shoulders of a last-grade male pupil and walked around, while ringing the first bell in their school life. The same tradition is repeated at the 'Last School-Bell Day', which is for graduating pupils.

AMIN Russia works for Sony electronics, Gazprom, Pharmasoft, Philips, Novo Nordisk and many more.

AMIN knows what 'knowledge day' means from the perspective of brands.

...the smell of gunpowder
excites people in Valencia?

WE KNOW! Three million flame-loving revelers love the smell of gunpowder, the sight of flames makes them smile and they secretly harbour pyrotechnic urges during Las Fallas. This is undoubtedly one of the most unique and craziest festivals in Spain. What started as a feast day for St. Joseph has evolved into a five-day celebration of fire. In Valencian Las Fallas literally means 'the fires'. The focus of the fiesta is the creation and destruction of burning cardboard monuments and paper-maché statues. The idea is to burn the old period to start up the new. It attracts 1,000,000 tourists and brings Valencia an income of 750 million Euros.

AMIN Spain works for Val Venosta apples, Amstel Beer, Decathlon, Valencia Tourism Office, Carrefour and many more.

AMIN knows how to reach tree million people in only five days.

...the Swiss test the endurance of its civilians?

WE KNOW! The Patrouille des Glaciers is a ski mountaineering race organised every two years by the Swiss Army, in which military and civilian teams compete. It takes place at the end of April in the Alps. Its military origins date back to the Second World War, when the army organised a race to test the abilities of its soldiers. It's a big media event that attracts a lot of adventure brands.

AMIN Switzerland works for Metropole Lausanne Shopping Mall, Caterpillar, Terravin Swiss wine, Terre des Hommes, Audemars Piguet and many more.

AMIN knows how to position relevant brands in adventurous surroundings.

...how popular soap and scrubbing products
are in Turkey?

WE KNOW! Hamam is the Turkish variant of a steam bath and is extremely popular in Turkey. The Hamam ritual begins with a heated naval stone. Step two is the scrubbing using, an abrasive mitt aimed at removing the outer layer of dead skin and other organic detritus. The actual bath is next; the substantial and slippery soap bubbles create the perfect canvas for the accompanying massage. That means a lot of soap and scrubbing products.

AMIN Turkey works for C&A, International Travel services, Dragon Shipping, IWC Watches, Delta Petroleum and many more.

AMIN knows how to promote special products for special occasions.

...the English dress differently for a horse race?

WE KNOW! With a rich heritage, Royal Ascot is a yearly horseracing event where jockeys and horses compete for a £4.5 million prize fund. It is a prestigious social event and attendees must stick to a very strict dress code, or they won't be let in. The event is closely associated with the British Royal Family. Royal Ascot and Wimbledon are the cornerstones of the British sporting summer.

AMIN UK works for Mizuno Europe, Caterpillar, G Plan, FieldCandy, Vintage Roots and many more.

AMIN knows how to ensure the activation of brands during the British sporting summer.
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